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Welcome to RWTmedia.com!

We are a grass-roots organization, dedicated to a lifestyle of ‘Getting Back to Basics’ through Health, Fitness, Lifestyle and Entertainment.  We are here to help educate and entertain in the ways of days gone by, while using modern methods of disseminating the ways of a simpler time.

So join us as we embark on this journey to ‘Get Back to Basics’!

Check out our entertaining Podcasts.  Follow Dave as he tries to simplify life, get healthy and deal with middle age on the ‘DaveDoesLife Podcast’.  Axe & Jacknife Johnny host the ‘ClassicRockTalk Podcast’ with humour and spin some great tunes.  Why not take yourself back to the Golden Age of Radio with the ‘Ultimate OTR Collection Podcast’ and hear some absolute classic Old Time Radio shows for a change of pace.  You can even visit the Roots, Wings & Things Organic Micro-Farm to see what’s happening on one of the few remaining small ‘Family’ farms left.

Bookmark us and check back often to see what developments are coming next!